Douglas with 4 fish

After a Top 12 at Oneida Lake in the first Northern Open, Josh Douglas is looking for another good event at the James River this week.

Two good events would have him in position in the points to possibly qualify at the final Open on Douglas Lake. Before he starts thinking about that he knows getting off to a good start is important. Less than 24 hours ago he hooked and landed his personal best bass, which topped his scale at 9 pounds, 12 ounces; a bonafide giant anywhere, but especially at the James.

Today he has 4 keepers so far, none the size he wants, but he realizes one kicker bite in the 4 to 6 pound region is the difference on this body of water.

The tide has stopped and it is dead high tide, which many have said to be a terrible time to fish a tidal fishery because the bass can go anywhere and everywhere with that much water in the system.

As soon as it begins to fall, Douglas knows it could bode well for him getting his kicker.