Double Trouble caption contest

Both Brent Ehrler and Brandon Palaniuk have lead each other by a couple ounces at the Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest benefiting Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. On Championship Sunday, the pair were spotted looking a little surprised by photographer Steve Bowman. We asked our fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to caption this image. Below are our favorite captions. Please share your caption in the comments.

@sjcorpst via Instagram: You'll still like me if I win, right?

@fish2hunt via Instagram: Split the winnings?!

@mgbrad via Instagram: After this derby is over....we going to McDonald's....fist bump!

@sbino18 via Instagram: Look, it's the rest of the field back there.

@dragginbaitzvia Instagram: Oops! Must've gotten super glue on our knuckles!

@johndeluc13via Instagram: When you both make the cut on the final day..

@drewmcclure via Instagram: When you and your buddy both hooked up with some fat ones but your friends haven't found out yet.

@bdderrick via Instagram: Uh oh, Jordan Lee is still in this?

@legitbritt00 via Instagram: Quick... Act like we weren't exchanging baits....

@_lane_cox_ via Instagram: Jordan Lee is walking by. Quick... act natural!

@seanhawley30 via Instagram: #bmpfishing : we got this bro, it's just the 2 of us! Ehler: ummm not so fast man! That Lee kids back!

@OsbornOutdoors via Twitter: By Our Powers Combined

@TomOswald1966 via Twitter: Wonder Twin Powers... ACTIVATE...

Annette John via Facebook: Wow, Looks like we both let the big one get away.

Ramona Hanna via Facebook: "That's right...we just gonna play along and let "little Jordie" think he's gonna win this one too! Aww...hope that's not on camera!"

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