Disney, then ICAST

It’s the week before  ICAST (The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) so it’s a busy time for us. We have to get ready for the show and, at the same time this year, get ready for a family vacation. We’re going to leave early for Orlando and spend a few days at Disney World. Everyone in the family is really looking forward to it.

The summer break worked out for us. We can travel to a wonderful vacation spot and have lots of fun as a family and, at the same time, I get to participate in one of the two biggest tackle shows in the country. The only thing that compares to it is the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo. ICAST is bigger and better, at least in my opinion, because there is more new stuff; but it’s an industry tradeshow and not open to the public.

We can talk about fishing next week. Right now I want to say a little something about why all of this is so special to me personally, and to Becky.

You see, we met at an ICAST several years ago. I can honestly say it was my best show ever, except maybe for the one at which we got engaged. The thing is, though, I was pretty scared at the engagement one. It’s terrifying to ask a woman to marry you. Lucky for me, she said yes.

So anyway, every year we renew our vows. Sometimes it’s during ICAST and sometimes it’s when we got married. But we always do it, no matter how busy we are fishing, or promoting sponsors, or with the kids’ activities, or whatever. We make the time to do it.

This year we decided to get crazy. (Actually, by most people’s standards we get crazy every year.) Disney has this place where you can renew your vows right on the property. You can dress up, too. That’s what we’ll be doing. It’ll be fun with lots of laughs and silliness, but with a serious undertone to it. We take our marriage and our relationship seriously.

Becky and the girls are going to get into the princess thing. Their costumes are about as cool as anything can be, real fancy and all that. Maybe I’m a little prejudiced but I’ll tell you that no three princesses, anywhere in the world, look better than mine.

I’ll be wearing this really weird outfit. It’s so wacky that I don’t even know what to call it. Of course, Vegas will have a costume on along with everyone else. We’ll certainly not leave him out of the festivities.

Before and after the wedding renewal, we’ll be doing Disney, at least as much as you can in three or four days. The girls are getting a little older so I imagine they’ll want to do a few things besides ride the rides, things like visit the displays and exhibits, and enjoy some of the better restaurants.

After we’ve done all of that, it’ll be time for me to head to the ICAST show and earn my keep. I’ll give you some details of what I’ll be doing there next week.

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