Dinks on dingers

To get his 3-pound average, Alton Jones is having to wade through scads of little v
Bass. "Dinks," he calls,them.

He has been alternating through two Yum soft plastic baits, a Dinger soft stickworm and a Christie Critter craw, and a jig. Even though current is washing toward him, Jones is fishing the lures painstakingly slowly. I've timed his cast-and-retrieves at from 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 minutes each -- unless interrupted by a strike, of course.

Almost every cast comes back with weeds wrapped around the lure. The trick is getting some action time out of the retrieve before the weeds glom on.

Jones has 11-12 right now. He weighs each fish he puts in the livewell and updates us on the running total.