A different tournament

The buzz all week here has been it will be a different kind of tournament. The entire water column is in play with shallow, medium and deep zones predicted to produce quality smallmouth.

On LIVE you will find evidence of a shallow bite the likes of which we have not seen in our trips to the St. Lawrence. In years past, drop shotting in deep water was the name of the game. Now, it’s all over and with a wide range of baits.

Case in point is the current tournament leader. Shane LeHew is finding success in the shallowest of zones. In fact, he is seeing his fish—and so are we—as others follow the hooked bass to the boat.

The unknown—which is very cool—is we’ll find out how the late bite comes into play. Usually, a late bite is mid-afternoon. This week, it’ll be late afternoon with the final flight not due back until nearly 6 p.m. Will the deeper bite heat up, or will it be unrivaled in shallow water?