A different day for Cory Johnston

Yesterday the fishing action was basically nonstop in this area up the Cooper River where anglers such as Cory Johnston, Jesse Tacorante and John Crews have managed to earn their spot in the Top 10.

Today is different for Johnston, however. The wind is stronger and out of a slightly different direction than the previous three days. It’s more cloudy and the tide is another hour later then yesterday.

Knowing these fish key in on the tide, I’m willing to bet the fishing picks up as the day goes on, but will it get right in time? Remember Johnston needs to be driving back to Georgetown by 1:15.

That’s only a few hours away. Really, to have a shot at winning he’s going to need 17-pounds or better.

I say that, and the remaining Top 10 anglers are all having a slower day. But then again, once the tide gets right things could really turn on.

Yesterday there was several anglers in this area, and they were catching and filling fish at the same time numerous times.

The fish are still here, but things must get right first. I’m betting it’ll be soon.

Johnston has two small keepers for maybe 2 1/2 pounds total.