Dialing in the weather

The mood was unanimous this morning on the dock. Everyone expects the bite to be better. Weights will go up based on the increasing chance of showers and with it, the incoming cloud cover and wind. There is more to come for the weekend.

“Yesterday was an off day for me,” Chris Zaldain said (even though he sits in fourth with 16-15.) “What we have coming up is the same weather we had during practice and that’s good.”

He added, “Cloudy, low pressure, a little bit of rain, that’s what I need to take first place.”

It was a warm 50 degrees this morning at takeoff, compared to the 30-degree weather we had on Thursday.

Other anglers I spoke with talked about catching an early limit near the launch on the north side of the lake, then switching to the lower end. That strategy would involve searching for blue herring being fed upon by the spotted bass.

“You could go down there and spend the day, catch hardly nothing, and then find a school of herring and load the box with 20 pounds,” explained David Mullins, who is second with 17-12. “I’m going to wait for it to get right.”

What will make it right is wind, which will stimulate the bait and bass activity.

“I am going to start up here this morning and then hopefully catch the big ones down lake when the wind gets up,” he added.