Detroit: What an event!

By now we’re all back from Detroit. I have to say that it was one of the more exciting, and most interesting, events in recent memory.

It would have been nice to win and secure a place in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic through the Elite Series, but that didn’t happen. Overall, though, I can’t complain. I made the first cut, earned a check and have had one of my better years — not counting 2008 when I qualified for the Classic through the Opens.

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled at times over the past few years, mostly after the 2008 season. This year has been a lot better. That gives me some pride and a whole lot of confidence going into next year. Maybe things are on the upswing. I hope so, anyway.

Hey, how about the way things turned out for Aaron Martens and Chris Lane last week? You couldn’t ask for two better guys to have good weeks. Aaron has fished hard, and successfully, for years. He deserves to be our Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year. He’s really good. His win was no accident.

And Chris Lane secured his spot in next year’s Classic with a win on Sunday. How great is that? Can you imagine the pain of having to sit out the Classic on your home waters after moving there from a different state, especially when you’re a past Classic champion? It would have been awful. He’s a talented angler who showed us all how it’s done when everything is on the line.

Maybe just as important both of these men are good guys away from their careers. They both have strong family values and live their lives in an upstanding and ethical manner. They’re a credit to our sport.

All that said, however, the situation was kind of crazy.

If Aaron had suffered mechanical problems on Saturday instead of Sunday he wouldn’t have won the AOY race. And those mechanical problems on Sunday probably allowed Chris to win the tournament. It might sound a little cold to say it but Aaron’s problems worked out for both guys, schedule wise.

I don’t know much about the philosophical underpinnings of fate or predestination but after what we saw happen on Saturday and Sunday I think I’m going to find out more about it. It looks to me like some things are just meant to happen. It’s in the stars so to speak.

No matter all that, the Lake Erie Bass Pro Shops Northern Open out of Sandusky is coming up in a week or so. I’m really looking forward to that. It’s my next to last chance to qualify for the Classic. All I have to do is win the darn thing. (I’m not predicting anything. But if you don’t believe in yourself it’s for sure that no one else will.)

I couldn’t help but laugh a little when I looked at how to fish it. My best spots are actually closer to Sandusky than they are to Detroit. That’ll save me some time running and give me more time to fish. Do you think that’s a good sign? Maybe fate is in my corner…

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