A day on Fayette County Lake

If you haven't heard what's been going on down at Falcon, it isn't good. Supposedly a husband and wife were down there visiting and the husband was shot and killed by some Mexican pirates. We'll see how it shakes out. Because of this, our "Day on the Lake LIVE" that was scheduled for next month has been cancelled. We can't take that kind of chance.

However, I'll still get to take you all fishing. If we can't go to Falcon, there's hardly any place better to go than to where we've rescheduled. Fayette County Lake happens to be one of my favorite lakes. In fact, it was my favorite lake in the world before I started fishing Falcon. The chance of catching that 10- or 12-pounder isn't there like it is at Falcon, but it has a ton of quality fish in the 4- to 8-pound range. It'll make for a good show. Fayette will give us an opportunity to fish a lot of patterns, from deep to shallow. It'll give us an opportunity to catch fish doing a lot of different things and showcase a lot of different techniques.

I imagine a lot of you have a power plant lake near your house, and there are certain characteristics about them that apply to most others, so hopefully you can use the show to get better on your power plant lake. I'd love for you all to tag along as we have an exciting day of fishing. But, before we hit the lake we'll have a classroom session.

The afternoon before we hit Fayette County Lake I'll be hosting a Bassmaster University on stickworms, namely the Yum Dinger. I'll give a half-hour (or so) presentation telling you everything about them, and then we'll open it up for BASS Insiders to ask questions live. I'll answer them as soon as they get in. It should be a lot of fun for everyone. There will be more on that in my blog — as well as on Bassmaster.com — as that approaches.

My next fishing trip is going to be this Tuesday with Randy White, "The Manster" from the Doomsday Defense of the Dallas Cowboys. Two folks who will be joining us on the trip are the gentlemen who bought this trip at a charity auction that was held last month. I'm not at liberty to say where the private lake is, but I promise you our fun meter will be pegged. I've had the opportunity to fish this lake on four previous occasions and the worst day I've had out there was fantastic. Our catch usually numbers in the hundreds.

I will certainly have some photos and give you a rundown on the baits and patterns we used. But this is like cheating. You don't really need to figure out a pattern like you do on Old Hickory, for example. If you can drop something in the water with a hook on it, it'll get bit. I'm waiting with great anticipation for this trip. Plus, it'll be cool to spend more time around Randy White. I'll be questioning him heavily about his thoughts on the Cowboys' problems this year and what needs to happen to turn their season around.

On that note, I'm overjoyed that the Rangers have taken the lead in the American League Divisional Series over Tampa Bay. I never thought I'd say this, but the Rangers may have a chance to win a pennant this year. Ranger fans need to get the claw and antlers out!

On another note, my Dallas Seminary event went fantastic. That, too, was on some great private lakes. The problem with having 15 people on a small lake is that as the day wears on, it gets tougher. The second day is even harder. They feel the pressure after about a day. So on day two, I switched gears completely and brought the long poles out and went bluegill fishing. Between the guys I was fishing with and me, we caught about 100 bluegill! Some of them were as big as both of your hands put together and weighed a pound, It was a lot of fun and I got to bring a mess of bluegill home to eat. I can't wait to get the fryer going here in a few days.

There's something therapeutic about watching a cork go under. When you rear back on these big bull bluegill, they dig and dig and dig! It makes me glad that bass aren't as strong as bluegill because you'd never get a 5-pounder to the boat. The bass fishing was fun, but the bluegill fishing was great too. The best thing, though, was the company. I was in the company of good, quality men and we all shared good fishing, friendship and fellowship. Like I said before, iron sharpens iron. These are successful men who understand that they're not living just for themselves but for God.