The day ahead

Timing and weather are two big factors to watch for today on the Arkansas River.

Timing relates to the anglers planning to lock through into Kerr Reservoir. The fishing is reportedly good there, with clearer water and better overall fishing conditions. On the down side the anglers going there are completely at the mercy of the lock operators. Their priority is commercial barge operation and those vessels get clearance over bass boats when locking through. One angler reportedly spent more than 2 hours waiting on his turn to lock through. Had it been tournament day the angler would've missed his alocated check-in time. 

As for the weather it's more about the past than present. Lots of rain fell here recently and the upper river and backwaters are high and muddy. Those conditions, along with swift current pose a challenge for finding fish and boat control. 

We'll watch to see how those factors play out today on the river.