Day 3 Big Fish count

On, viewers can see the agony of Brandon Palaniuk losing a suspected 8-pounder earlier today. We’ve heard a lot of anglers talk about the big fish lost, however there are quite a few being landed. It looks like the big bass thus far, Brent Ehrler’s 9-1 “truck,” will last another day with Jordan Lee landing the largest on Day 3 with a 7-2. Day 3 has been filled with “15-pound” fish (as Steve Wright wrote in an earlier blog, after an interview with cut master Bill Lowen), judges have logged 32 fish over 4 pounds and 11 over 5 pounds. The 5-plus-pound fish have featured 3 fish over 6 pounds including Lee’s 7-2. For 51 anglers, those numbers are pretty impressive.

These are not official numbers as anglers bounce in and out of cell service, but we will know at 4:30 CT when we weigh-in at the George H. Henderson Jr. Expo Center in Lufkin.