Day 1: BASSTrakk clarification

There are nine Elite Series anglers with zero fish on BASSTrakk, but here is the real scoop after reaching out to some of the marshals. Service has been tricky for a few of them and as a result, some of their catches haven't populated as quickly or at all. Here is some clarity at least for those nine at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Edwin Evers - As expected, Evers has a limit in the box. The weight is estimated at 16 to 17 pounds unofficially.

Brett Hite - If you've checked out the Marshal photo gallery from Day 1 on the water you'll know that Brett Hite does have fish, although he only has 2 total for 6 pounds or so.

Clifford Pirch - He consistently nabs up limits on the Elite Series so it's no shock he has a five-fish limit for 10 to 11 pounds.

David Mullins - Mullins has 3 fish at the 1:30 p.m. mark for roughly 6 pounds.

Paul Mueller - Coming off a Top 12 at Grand Lake, there are a lot of people betting on Mueller and their worry should disappear because he has five fish for 15-6 according to his marshal. He's had his limit since 9 a.m. as well.

Rick Clunn - Clunn has 3 fish in the livewell for 8 to 9 pounds at the moment.

Darrell Ocamica - Marshal confirmed he has 0 in real life.

Have not heard updates from John Murray or Jason Williamson's marshals thus far. Most likely a service issue as many anglers are fishing off the beaten path, which isn't hard to do at Kentucky Lake.