Cox with 2

After starting within a cast or so of Hunter Shryock, John Cox moved over to the next pocket with a solid 3 to 4 pounder in the livewell. It took about 20 minutes or so, but he hooked up and landed keeper number two. The second one looked to be roughly 3 pounds. There seems to be more spawners in this pocket as Cox turned and focused his attention to another fish about 50 feet away. He has 6 to 7 pounds right now, pair that with a 3 1/2 pound lead and he probably has 10 pounds in his favor.

Shryock recently made a move around the corner and also came in this pocket but is on the other side of the bay; a couple hundred yards away. I'm not sure if he caught the bed fish he was posted up on, but we will find out soon.