Connell and Hunter with two

I trailered up to the base of the Neely Henry Dam and found Day 1 leader Dustin Connell and third place Bo Hunter. Both anglers have two fish in the boat so far.

Hunter made the turn by the dam about 10 minutes before Connell did, but even so there are only five or six anglers fishing close to the dam at the moment. They fished around until about 8 and 8:15 a.m. CT respectively before both took off.

A lot of the good fishing at the dam won’t happen until the water starts generating and releasing into Logan Martin. Not knowing the schedule, they both took off to fish other rocks and other structure down river.

Connell noted even when the water is generating its still not easy to get big weight. Having a 1-3 lead over second place will help and that 15-3 limit will go a long way if Connell can catch double-digit weight again.