The Comeback Kid

These fish are hurting my feelings," Brandon Palaniuk yelled across the water a minute ago. He has lost two big bass of the sort he needs to hang on to the AOY lead here, and he just missed another one.

Steve Bowman, the photographer I'm teamed with today, encouraged him with the comment, "It will turn around soon."

He has three keepers in the boat now and hopes all will be replaced.

Bowman pointed out that when Palaniuk does well, he often finds enough big bass to overcome his ill-timed miscues.

"At Bull Shoals he had to have a hook removed from his hand and still won," Bowman. "At Waddington he lost several big fish and won. And at Texas Fest this year he lost an 8- or 9-pounder at the boat and still won."

So don't count Palaniuk out just yet.