Combs headed for 30 pounds?

Keith Combs is hot. He's got about 23 1/2 pounds in the boat now, and he's expecting to hit 30 pounds before the day ends, according to Steve Bowman, who is on the water nearby.

"He's catching one on every cast right now," Bowman said. "It might be a small one or it might be a white bass, but he just caught a 6-pounder. That's his third 6-pounder today. He's got those three, a 3-pounder and a 2 1/2-pounder."

Combs is throwing a Tennessee shad-colored Strike King 6XD, which is his strength. As Bowman noted, "Keith Combs is the only guy out here that can stay right with Kevin VanDam in terms of power-fishing with a big crankbait."

On the positive side for Combs is the fact that he has only three boats observing him. On the negative side, he started the day almost 17 pounds behind VanDam.

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