Coaching the competition

This photo is historic. And the concept will be controversial. Before us is an angler who has laid down his rod and a chance at a $10,000 payday to help a fellow competitor. Jacob Powroznik not only refused to fish today in an effort to help his roommate Koby Kreiger have a shot at the Classic berth that is on the line here, but is now coaching Kreiger along. 

Several times over the past 30 minutes the two have chatted and Powroznik made recommendations that Kreiger seems to be following. Some fans will say this taints the competition ... And they may be right. There are 100 other Elite Series anglers who would die to be in Powroznik's spot. And if Powroznik fished straight up, he could win this whole deal.

Will the eventual winner deserve the champion's bounty with one competitor giving up? Others think what Powroznik is doing is an act of selflessness worthy of praise. Whichever side of the fence you are on with the story line, know that nobody wants Kreiger to advance more than his Elite Series roommate, whose intentions seem pure.

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