Classic feels

The 2018 Geico Bassmaster Classic presented by Dicks Sporting Goods is underway! The Classic has a way of bringing out all kinds of emotions from anglers and bassmaster staff alike. We asked several competitors and staff to describe in just 3 words how they were feeling leading up to day one of competition on Lake Hartwell.
Here is what they had to say:

Hank Cherry- Excited, Blessed, Thankful
Gerald Swindle- I'm, Comfortably, Numb
John Cox- It's, Getting, Hot
Matt Lee- Gerald, Swindle, Pattern
Jacob Wheeler- Excited, Confident, Wingin' It
Keith Combs- Excited, Anxious, and Ready
Stanley Sypeck Jr.- Fast, Pace, Awesome
Jordan Lee- Excited, Challenged, Hopeful
Brent Ehrler- Ready, Anxious, Curious
Jesse Wiggins- Got, To, Whack'em
Seth Feider- Ready, To, Fly
Brandon Palaniuk- Motivated, Focused, Intrigued
Luke Clausen- Optimistic, Confident, Excited
Cliff Pirch- Let's, Get, Started
B.A.S.S. Photographer Garrick Dixon- Never, Stop, Shooting
B.A.S.S. Photographer James Overstreet- I'm, Still, Here
B.A.S.S. Live Commentator Davy Hite- What, We, Live4
John Crews- Fish, The, Moment
B.A.S.S. Senior Editor Thomas Allen- Dreams, Become, Reality
Jason Christie- Ready, To, Go