Casting and blasting

The Cast and Blast over the weekend was great. In case you don’t remember, Little Alton and I went down to Zapata,Texas, with several other fathers and sons and spent time fishing Falcon Lake and dove hunting. We had some long days, and I think they’re catching up with me: I’ve got a cold.

We had to get up early, go eat breakfast, then drive 40 minutes to the lake. When new got to to fish, it was regularly 107 or 110 degrees every day. Then we returned to La Perla lodge and hunted all afternoon. Then we’d stay up and watch football and hang out until much later than we should have. It was one of those trips where there were too many fun things to do. But, it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. The saddest part of the trip, however, came before it even happened.

As I was packing, I got out my vest, gun and shells, and my dog Grace was watching me. She thought she was going hunting. But she’s got 10 pups on the ground, so she couldn’t go. She was so sad when she found that she couldn’t go. However, I’ll have her and another dog to start training here pretty soon once we figure out which of the dogs we’ll be keeping.

As some of you may know from reading the story last week, I caught my new personal best bass last week at Falcon: a 12-4. I caught the fish on a Bomber Fat Free Shad. Usually 7 out of 8 huge fish you catch at Falcon are on a crankbait. In fact, the next day I caught a 10-12 on one. They like that reaction bite for some reason when they’re off of those ledges. I hooked that fish and it was one of those deals where I knew it was huge when I first laid into it. It shook its head, and the line jumped back and forth 10 inches. As I brought it to the side of the boat, I knew it was at least as big as my personal best but when I pulled her in the boat, I knew it was my new personal best. Sure enough, the scales read 12-4. It was great, and I feel very blessed to have caught that fish.

After all that fun and excitement, I had jury duty earlier this week. For how much folks gripe about it, it’s kind of neat to see the process in action. Plus, I saw a few friends who were drawn the same day.

The puppies have triples in size, and are roughly 3 pounds each. They are starting to walk, and have their eyes are open. I don’t mind saying this, either: They’re getting cuter by the day.

This weekend, I’ll be speaking at the First Baptist Church in Terrell, Texas, on Saturday the 10th. It’s at a community outreach, and I’ll be the key note speaker. I’m really looking forward to being a part of it, too. So, if you’re in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, I’d love it if you stopped by. There’s going to be an outdoors expo with demonstrations and the like. It’ll be a great time all around.

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