Caption This face off

As Brandon Palanuik and Jason Christie face off for the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year title on Mille Lacs, our fans on Instagram competed for the best caption to this photo. Our favorites are below. Read them all on our Instagram page here

obieluke: There's bass in Idaho?

bassquatch32: Right here, right now.. Ro-sham-bo for AOY?

wmcduffee: Christie: Ever notice how you come across somebody once in awhile you shouldn't have "messed" with? That's me. "Clint Eastwood"

caraledoux: Arm wrestle you for it....

cameron_bye47: You think if we tie they'll let us both take home the trophy?

smurrayfit: I got a few trench pandas in here, wanna see?

big_gar_fishing: You think a 32lb bag is enough?

jason_russ_: If we don't straighten up and catch them this weekend, Wheeler is going to win it all...

shooter1639: I'll see ur four with a five. Come on with it

spennn18: What're ya doin after this?

tbearden7: Winter is coming

 s2h4life: Beer later? Bass don't always bite, but the beer is always cold

tylerblake29: You've got some pretty eyes

ronin0311: Christie: "listen...I am captain now"

phoenix_ed_payne: Wanna play horse for it? You can have the first shot, he-he.

undergroundfishin: Christie-"I don't know why they call you the prodigy kid!?" Palaniuk-"Once you see what's in this bag, you'll know."

gimpy_bassin: Remember when I told you I'd catch this pig right behind you?...

tyler.tambasco: Christie: "What's in your bag ?" BP: " You'll see when I walk away with AOY  "

suttomd2257: Brandon, how do you always manage to outfish me every time? Christie

specklebelly1973: You going to quit and let me take AOY? Nope I'm going to fish to the final second!

trevorlofishing: What kinda beard oil is that?

myersjd123: Did you see the caudal fin on her? Wooo!!!

ztinsley9: This weigh in is gonna be close

lipscombshawn: BP coach it going to be close but I haven't used my best play yet JC you better better get the hell Mary ready their coming for ya.

haroutkokedjianfishing: Are you wearing Chanel N5 cause it smells great on you.

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