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We asked our fans to caption this photo of Aaron Martens fishing with Dave Mercer in his boat from Day 1 of fishing on Lake Champlain. Some of our favorites are below. Follow @bass_nation on Instagram ( and Twitter (, and submit your caption ideas.

DiclollyRick: I think I need a bigger boat...

CorryMitchell29: G-g-g-g-giant bag!!!!

sandersontii: "This man is entergetic "

coonassassasin: When you wanna push the camera man in the water but the fish are bitting

keefarini: "I'm telling you, A Mart is gonna win this Derby"

triton_boats_official: I said give me two minutes about dropshotting not 20

dtopken: Forget fishing, let's talk hockey ay?

kctfishn: You're in my backswing Mercer

daniel_sinagoga: Mercer: watch this im going to push Martens in! Martens: bro I'm right here I can here you...

gavin_pennington_15: "Coming up, I'll tell you 10 personal secrets about Aaron Martens"

b_kyboy: One of A Martens strengths is his ability to concentrate and block out me

thejamespowell: "Now earlier in the season, we found that glancing to the left would trigger a bite. Aaron hasn't had much luck with that technique here on Champlain, so he's trying the right-side glance instead."

greg_ofd27: I'm over here Mercer

kellyraem23: "Now if you follow me to the back of the boat I will show you where the bathrooms are....."

kyletrent70: When your friend videos your secret spot

cvags_1: Appreciate get off my boat I'm trying to win a title.

kaleb_chockley: "excuse me, who did you say the king of drop shotting is??"

boom_stick_fishing: Shhhhh your scaring the fish

french904: Dave, if you wouldn't mind, I'm about to set the hook.

atate_3: Mercer: "So break down what you're doing for the viewers at home."Martens: "You see that squirrel over there? I think he's guarding a 4 pounder."

maston_22: When you and your friend are arguing about what throw at what time and your friend wants to let the world know and start a debate

red_machine93: Don't you ever ask Aaron what he's throwin on the day!

p.r.rowe: Mercer: Yep hang in there Aaron, now folks off to KVDs boat. Martens: Gosh Kevin always gets the attention.

masterwrangler: "...and the fish are this way!"

troysmith_angler: A-Mart... Mercer if you don't get off the deck of my boat ,you and the camera guy are swimmin. Mercer.. And were outta here .

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