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We asked our Instagram fans to caption this photo of Jason Christie from Day 1 of the GoPro Bassmaster Elite at Dardanelle presented by Econo Lodge. The Elite angler won our last event on this lake, but he weighed in 10 pounds, 6 ounces to land in 65th on Day 1.
Here are some of our favorite captions from our Instagram fans.
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ali.christie"I wonder if I'll be able to make it to my daughters all state game tomorrow"

sjcorpstI think there's way too many snakes for top water.

nick_bot_15When the bites so tough even the marshals are confused

trevor_topkenMarshal: U thinking what I'm thinking? Jason: Yup. Lunchtime

frsabanWatch this.. off the tree, off the rock, perfect cast.. using only one hand

collin_bodeDid you put the plug in

kale.07Jason: I wonder if KVD is caught any big ones guy: I wonder if they have sandwiches after

sagecon8Trying to act interested in someone's "it got away" story like..

basslaxterThe thinker cast

bubba_crosby"And then I bit the hook, just like this, and ripped it out of my hand"

jenntilghman....if only the fish would bite like these buffalo gnats and mayflies!

henryravensYou said last cast...

tmaagHow do I turn HOtt Defoe into Cold Defoe??

useless.picsI'm hung, don't look at, think about it real hard and maybe it will come loose by itself

terrywatsonfishingI wonder if that tastes like yoohoo.

rosswagerDid i put on my lucky underwear?..... i bet he has lucky underwear !

forestkirchnerHow many mayflies can you fit in your mouth

dstory28It was deep enough when we came back here!!??!!

jeffholmes18Jason, you said a booger race would be fun....and they ain't gonna be nobody around to see it.

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