Canterbury vs. Blaylock

Scott Canterbury and Stetson Blaylock have a working agreement to share their area. Even so, it’s man against man, and Blaylock holds the edge right now according to BASSTrakk. It shows him in fourth with 6 pounds, 12 ounces, while Canterbury is sixth with 8-4.

“We leaned on them pretty hard yesterday,” admitted Canterbury. “Hopefully there will be a few there today.”

Collectively, Blaylock and Canterbury have weighed 86 pounds from the ares.

Did Canterbury lean on them too hard? Not really. He was done “catching” by 10 o’clock on Thursday and Friday. In fact, he camped out on the spot to preserve it, even taking a long lunch break on his front deck. He even said if he could, he’d weighed his catch then.

Canterbury yesterday went practice fishing to expand on his share of the water.

“This morning (Saturday) I pulled up on a magic spot and knew it would be a long day if they didn’t fire up then and there,” said Blaylock. “But all I need are three more good bites, so we are gong to stay here and grind it out.”