Can Ashley do it?

Casey Ashley started the day in second place, 3-12 behind Jamie Hartman. But he slipped down the standings through most of the morning. He started a move back up with a 3-pounder at 12:54, which gave him a limit weighing 12-8. None of this is surprising. Ashley rallied in the afternoon yesterday as well.

"My fish seem to bite better later in the day," he said Saturday. "The fish I'm catching that are feeding on shad are around timber. I don't know what the big ones are doing during the morning, but later in the day they'll get down on the wood where you can catch 'em. 

"But it's not a one cast deal. They're scattered out. They're on trees that have fallen over and stumps. It's a grind, but there are a lot of good ones there. You can catch 20 pounds there, but everything has got to go right."

What hasn't gone right today for Ashley is the wind, but he wasn't expecting it to go his way.

"I hope it's as slick as glass," Ashley said. "But we're at Toledo Bend. You only get one of those a month, and that was Friday."

It was in the calm conditions Friday when Ashley jumped from 54th place on Day 1 to 5th with a 23-9 bag.