The biggest change from Day 3

The biggest change from Day 3 to today is the wind. Yesterday at this time we were talking about the lack of any kind of ripple for some of these guys.

While the wind is not gassing today, it’s blowing enough. And that could change the timing on the catches today. It seemed as Lake Fork exploded yesterday as the wind got better.

We are at that point today, so big catches could start earlier and last longer. That would also help some of these guys build bigger weights.

No sooner than that was typed and Chad Pipkens lands an 8-pound even fish. That one fish is bigger than his entire creel yesterday. Not certain if he’s sitting on his honey hole from Days 1 and 2, but we have to believe he is there.

The wind could be helping him and that spot. After a pitiful day 3, he’s just one more bite like that out of the lead. And the wind will just keep on, keeping on.