Big-time shootout set for Sunday

Everyone knew the weights would be tight at Lake Champlain. But, wow, what a shootout is set for Sunday’s championship. Leader Jamie Hartman and fourth-place Seth Feider are separated by a mere 12 ounces. And the difference between first place and 10th place is only 2 pounds, 12 ounces. 

“That’s what you come here for is a shot,” said David Mullins, who moved within an ounce of the lead with the big bag of the day - 20 pounds, 10 ounces. “You keep knocking at the door and eventually it’s going to open. I’m excited to go (Sunday).”

As we’ve documented all week, Lake Champlain is fishing a bit better this year than it did the last time the Elite Series was here in 2017. This will be the final comparison, as that tournament was shortened to three days due to high winds. By any comparison, Lake Champlain has been consistently outstanding. 

Day 3                           7/29/17           8/1/20

Total anglers               51                    40

Limits caught              51                    39       

1st place                     58-12               59-12

5th place                     56-9                 58-11

10th place                   54-14               57-0

25th place                   52-1                 52-11

40th place                   48-0                 40-2

Big bass                       6-4                   5-5

Bags 18 lbs. or over     15                    14

Bags 19 lbs. or over     8                      8         

Bags 20-lbs. or over    3                      3                                 

Total fish weighed      253                  197     

Total weight                847-2               663-8  

Ave. wt./bass              3.35 lbs.          3.37 lbs.



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