Better than expected

Jared Lintner's early morning went "better than expected," he said. I'll say. His seventh keeper was a 4-pound spotted bass that helped him cull a 1 1/2-pounder. Lintner's 10 keepers weigh 23-6, according to Lintner's Marshal, Dwayne Head from Georgia. Head said the 4-pounder was a highlIght of the morning. He's ecstatic to have drawn Lintner today.

Apparently the fish were very active at dawn. Not so much now. We've seen numerous anglers in this area running and gunning this morning. Lintner is on his third stop, just patrolling the bank and fishing docks, rocks and everything in between. After watching them for 15 minutes, he finally caught another keeper. This one was close enough to upgrade his weight, but not quite.