Bethel with three fish in the boat

Dax Ewart and Kyle Palmer from Bethel University are looking to build on their 16-8 Day 1 performance and are off to a decent start with three small fish in their bag right now.

The duo is flipping a line of Kissimmee grass on Lake Harris around Hickory Point with a 1-ounce jig and a 1-ounce punch rig with a creature bait. Ewart said they tried to catch some fish on a moving bait during practice, but that bite never produced.

“We (flipped) for eight hours yesterday,” Ewart said.

Windy conditions have blown out some of their better banks today and have made the bite a little tough today, Palmer said. They had all of their weight by 11 a.m. yesterday.

Because of the wind, Ewart said they have been fishing a lot of new water on Day 2. They have found that protected areas seem to produce better.

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