Bethel with another limit

Day 1 leaders Cody Huff and Garrett Enders of Bethel University have another limit this morning. They’ve already attempted to cull twice this morning and have roughly 13 to 14 pounds according to Huff. Early predictions this week was that 11 to 12 pounds per day (33-36) for the week would have teams safely in the Top 4 for the College Classic Bracket.

They may end up being true, but as of 7:45 a.m. on Day 2 of the event the leaders have unofficially 30 pounds already for two days. If they hold steady or cull up some the rest of the day they could have a great shot to take a big lead into the final day.

Unofficially, second place Dillon Harrell and Colby Bryant of Sam Houston State have zero after two hours of competition today.