Best weather day

Believe it or not, Day 1 of the Toyota Bonus Bucks Team Championship will be the best weather day of the two-day full-field event. With temperatures in the high 20's at takeoff we saw frosty walkways and front decks. Some teams had issues getting boxes open because they were frozen shut and others resorted to using heat and blow torches to get their trolling motors to work. Tonight's low temperature is expected to dip down to the mid teens with a high just above freezing on Thursday

Definitely some adverse conditions not really relating to catching fish, but rather functionality. One of the first teams I found today were the duo of Kelly Robinette and Billy Line of Virginia. They qualified via the Priority team trail. 

This morning they have 2 keepers, one of which they caught in front of me. They said they've caught close to half a dozen, but that length is what they are looking for. They have two spotted bass in the livewell. It is assumed that the cold temperatures will help fishing because the water temperature is seasonably warm for December 6th. The spotted bass are certainly active so far and only need to be 12 inches to keep while largemouth and smallmouth have to be 15.