Best story of the AOY Championship?

by William Frazier

(Forwarned: Have tissues ready.)

Sunday as Brandon Palaniuk checked in, he reached in his livewell and pulled out 3 rubber ducks. I let it go for a second but it became obvious he was spending more time caring for the rubber ducks than his fish.

So... I asked.

Brandon is one of the incredible young anglers that have entered our sport in the last few years showcasing the sports open, inclusive personality. You do not run into this guy when he is not ready and enthusiastic to be with and talk to fans.

Brandon said was fishing a dock on Chatuge when a little boy came out and started talking to him. Brandon was particularly asking him about whose giant inflatable yellow rubber duck water toy was parked beside the dock. The little guy said it was theirs. Apparently he was excited and suggested he and his brother would like to fish with him. Brandon explain why that could not happen and went on about his day.

But, when he came back the next day, the little guy gave him the three rubber ducks. He told Brandon they were Brandon, his brother and him. So, they got to go with him anyway.

Yay Brandon!