Bemidji sitting in second

Thor and Mitch Swanson, the brothers from Bemidji, started the National Championship off with 15-12 on Thursday and had themselves in second place overall. 

They dedicated their event to the Stump Lake area and the hour-plus idle that comes with the territory. It's early on Day 2 and they have only fished for an hour, but they have one small fish so far. 

There are 15 tournament boats within my line of sight, but yet Thor and Mitch seem to have a spot just far enough away that they are alone. They are on pace with yesterday, although their first keeper was smaller than anything they caught on Thursday, it took them till 11 a.m. to catch a limit. This time yesterday they also had one keeper. 

We have ESPNU cameras rolling with the top 2 teams today and even more tomorrow to capture the action.