Bass U

As many of you know, January marks the beginning of sport show season —the time when anglers all across the country flock to tackle and marine shows, hoping to see what's new and learn all they can to improve their fishing skills. One of the most informative venues is The Bass University.

Developed by pro anglers Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek, the school's mission is to provide anglers — both beginning and advanced — with an opportunity to learn from the sport's best instructors, in a controlled classroom environment.

For less than what it would cost to hire a guide, you can receive one-on-one instruction from a who's who list of top level pros, all of whom will share their best techniques. Veterans like Shaw Grigsby, Paul Elias, Davy Hite, Gerald Swindle, Ish Monroe and Jeff Kreit — plus a line-up of the sport's hottest young stars, including Ott Defoe, Brandon Palaniuk, Brent Ehrler, Jacob Wheeler and others — offer personalized instruction on the best tactics for finding and catching bass.

A Multi-Media Presentation

Not only will each school feature a faculty of world class instructors, their seminars are supported by a multi-media program that includes video and digital graphic presentations. Students benefit from an easy-to-follow curriculum that includes detailed outlines for every topic.

You'll learn strategies for finding and catching bass in a multitude of situations, on all types of water. Natural lakes, reservoirs, rivers and even tidal systems are discussed. The instructors also share their personal experiences so that you'll have tangible, real-life situations to learn from.

In addition, the pros will discuss specific lures — those they throw in actual competition — and when to choose one over another. You can even purchase these lures directly on site through Tackle Warehouse. And if you're an aspiring tournament angler, you can gain valuable insight on how to build a career in this highly competitive sport. We'll tell you how to deal with sponsors, media and the fans. It's a hands-on experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

Where, When & How

In total, there are five schools scheduled. Each is condensed into a two-day format and targeted at key parts of the country. The classrooms are comfortable and relaxed, providing the perfect environment for optimized learning.

Elite pro John Crews lectures at The Bass University.

To find The Bass University nearest you, check out their website. There you'll find a list of instructors with their angling profiles and information on how to enroll. But be sure to act fast, as classes are rapidly filling.

Remember, one weekend with a team instructors from The Bass University can prepare you for a lifetime of angling situations, both on and off the water. Enroll and prepare now, so you'll be ready when spring arrives!

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