B.A.S.S. 2011 Tour

"Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway We're the best of friends..."

Dateline: Wander Yonder...

Flux is my state of being. Movement is me. Not a pause kind of guy. Laid at rest will not be me, when it comes that time, I want what's left of db tossed into a strong wind, any wind. I want eternally to be on the go.

I'm at rest moving.

So, with that in mind, yonder here I come.

I will be in South Yonder, North Yonder, Central Yonder, and possibly just plain Yonder Yonder.

Here's where I will be for B.A.S.S. 2011 — 7,265 miles, 11 states, 115 days of being here, then there.

If you happen to be at any "be" while I'm being there, stop by and say hello.

If you happen to fish for bass, belong to a local B.A.S.S club, have ever caught a bass, hope to catch a bass, have never seen a bass but like good blue raspberry snow cones, own a donut shop with a desire to donate your wares to a dude who writes about bass and donuts, know how to make great sweet tea for very hot days of bass fishing, come say "Hey!"

 I want to meet you.

I want you to show me blurry cellphone photos of your wife/husband/children/dog (not cat — I'm not a cat guy)/bass both large and smallmouth ones/and or your Bass boat or truck.

But, mainly, I want to thank you.

Thank you for your support of the sport.

Thank you for your support of the three dudes who bought the whole shebang and who want to make it better for you while still maintaining some sort of almost respectful credit score.

Thank you for your support of the Elite anglers and their families, who sacrifice so much so those out on the water can be the best in the world.

Thank you for buying the stuff of those who step up and sponsor this thing. Without them, it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

But mainly, just to say thanks ... to all of those who make this possible.

To all of those who protect us, serve us, rescue us.

You cops and your families.

You firefighters/first responders and your families.

You military service men and women and your families.

And most of all, to say thank you to the mosaic that is America who come to watch us do our thing, come to applaud, come to show their love of being inside the outside.

Here's where I'll be. Please stop by to say hey and to give me the honor to thank you one on one.

As it should be.

The Yonders:
2/16-21: The Bassmaster Classic, New Orleans, LA
3/6-13: Sunshine Showdown, Tavares, FL
3/13-21: Citrus Slam, Palatka, FL
3/22-27: Southern Open 2, Charlotte, NC
4/3-10: Alabama Charge, Florence, AL
4/11-17: Battle on the Bayou, Many, LA
4/25-30: Central Open 2, Branson, MO
5/1-8: Pride of Georgia, LaGrange, GA
5/9-16: Carolina Clash, Columbia, SC
6/3: Michelle Short Scholarship Tournament, Lake Dardanelle, AR
6/4-12: Diamond Drive, Little Rock, AR
6/13-19 Dixie Duel, Decatur, AL
7/20-8/1: Toyota Trucks All-Star Week, Wetumpka, AL
9/12-17: Federation Nation Eastern, Lake Champlain, Vermont
9/19-25: Northern Open 3, Onedia Lake, NY
10/24-30: Federation Nation Championship, TBD

Please, stop by, say hello, and give me the honor to thank you in person.

"Goin' places that I've never been. Seein' things that I may never see again."
"On The Road Again" — Willie Nelson


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