Barging ahead

"That barge is going to be my nemesis," said Alton Jones as a massive train of 15 barge hulls was pushed by on the river. What he means is that he will have to pass the barge and get to the lock before it, or he may be "locked out."

We are trying to figure out the timing. The lock is about 25 to 30 miles from here, and the barge is moving almost 3 miles per hour, according to FindShip, an app Kyle has that tracks commercial shipping. It's invaluable for anyone fishing in rivers with locks, pools and barge traffic. If that's all correct, the barge won't reach the lock before 6 this evening, long after Jones will have locked through and weighed in. and traffic through locks.

Jones said he will check with the lock master later to determine when he needs to arrive at the lock to make it through safely.