Ashley's morning

South Carolina’s Casey Ashley began the morning working the mouth of a creek, switching through baits already rigged on his rods several times with only one small fish to show for the effort.

He finally sat down and pulled out another lure from his box, tied it on and within 10 minutes he had his first hookup of a keeper. About 30 minutes later he had placed two more fish in the live well.

“Finally figured out what they wanted,” Ashley called out.

He is pounding the area meticulously, moving back and forth in an area less than 100 yards long. Action has slowed in the last 30 minutes, but he’s currently sticking with it.

Brent Ehrler has eased into the same creek mouth as Casey Ashley, The two anglers are separated by only a couple hundred yards. 
Ashley set the hook and missed a couple of fish in the past 30 minutes. I haven't seen Ehrler land anything yet.