Ashley far up river

At almost exactly 7 a.m., this morning, Casey Ashley made his first cast a full hour after take off. That's just a frame of reference to give you an idea of how far up river Ashley traveled.

When we got behind him for the last 5 miles he was leading the pack at 74 miles an hour.

It wasn't long before he was here and he hooked up with his first fish, a dink. Yesterday he caught fish early and often. We assume that will happen today. But when we set down we noticed a remarkable difference in the current.

It's been ripping all week. And while this is the first time we've been on this exact spot, it should have more current than what we are seeing.

Not sure how that will impact things today. And as soon as that was typed he hooks up.

After a lengthy battle he puts one in the 4-pound range in the boat. It's a great start. Obviously the current may not be a factor.