Arkansas River: Streak killer

It happens about once a year in the Bassmaster Elite Series — a venue pops up on the schedule that gives everyone a hard time.

In 2006, it was Table Rock Lake; in 2007, it was Toho; in 2008, there was Old Hickory; in 2009, the Mississippi River was a nightmare. Last year it was Fort Gibson, and this year, it was the Arkansas River.

What do these fisheries have in common? They're all streak killers when it comes to Elite anglers stringing together lots of consecutive competition days with a limit of 5 bass.

Going into competition at the Arkansas River, nine anglers had a chance to limit every day they competed in 2011. The Reliable 9 were Casey Ashley, Brent Chapman, Keith Combs, John Crews, Ott DeFoe, Michael Iaconelli, Jeff Kreit, Chris Lane and Terry Scroggins.

Now each of those streaks is over — the victim of high, muddy water, scorching temperatures and a 15-inch size limit.

Ashley's streak ended at 39, Scroggin's at 41 and Iaconelli at a dazzling 46 — third longest ever behind Kevin VanDam's 57 and Bobby Lane's 47.

Now the longest active limit streaks belong to Bobby Lane (19) and Denny Brauer (18). No one else even reaches double figures.

That's what a streak killer like the Arkansas River can do.

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