AOY Top 10 – After Day 3 at Tenkiller

Scott Canterbury, 19th (27-8)

The following is a look Toyota Angler of the Year standings for the top 10 as they were after the last tournament, at Cayuga Lake on August 25th, and as they are now, after three days on Lake Tenkiller. Remember that AOY points aren’t earned until each angler’s place in the final standings is determined. In other words, the “After Day 3 at Tenkiller” column will change again today, except where noted, and won’t be official for three of these anglers until after Sunday’s weigh-in.

Scott Canterbury never officially lost his AOY lead, but he’d dropped to third behind Drew Cook and Chris Zaldain, based on the Day 2 standings, when Zaldain was in first place, Cook in third and Canterbury was 29th. Now, after three days, Canterbury’s points are official. He finished 19th, adding 82 points to his previous total of 679 after Cayuga, and giving him 761 going into the AOY Championship at Lake St. Clair.

Chris Zaldain’s AOY total is still in flux. Based on his current 2nd place in the standings, he’s got 752 points. The best he can do, by winning the tournament, is improve by one point to 753. If he drops from 2nd today, Canterbury’s margin will increase by one point for every place in the standings that Zaldain falls.

AOY points for each Elite Series tournament are awarded in a descending order from 100 points for first place to 26 points for 75th place (provided the angler weighs-in at least one bass over the first two days; no fish, no points).

After CayugaAfter Day 3 at Tenkiller
1. Scott Canterbury 6791. Scott Canterbury 761*

2. Drew Cook 660

2. Chris Zaldain 752

3. Chris Zaldain 653

3. Cory Johnston 746

4. Bill Lowen 652

4. Stetson Blaylock 741

5. Cory Johnston 549

5. Drew Cook 733*

6. Stetson Blaylock 648

6. Brandon Lester 722*

7. Chris Johnston 644

7. Bill Lowen 714*

8. Seth Feider 642

8. Seth Feider 708*

9. Drew Benton 635

9. Drew Benton 705*

10. Brandon Lester 632

10. Chris Johnston 699*

* Denotes these anglers’ AOY points are official. Only the AOY points of Zaldain, Johnston and Blaylock can change today. The totals above are based on their Day 3 standings, when Zaldain was 2nd, Johnston 4th and Blaylock 8th.