Another ounce or two

The fish continue to congregate around the dike Alton Jones is camped on. He just culled again, replacing a 2-7 with a 2-9. That should upgrade is daily limit to 13-10. For some reason we can't access Bassmaster.con out here in the hinterlands, so we don't know where Jones stands on the BASSTrakk leaderboard.

Another cast or two later, Jones reared back on a fish he knew would help him greatly. It wasn't until he worked the fish to boat side that he discovered it was a 4-pound drum. "That's the first non-bass I've caught all week," he said.

Jones further described his "Rock Box" hole for us. It's the edge of a dike where current flows around the corner. He said the perfect cast scrapes rocks on the left side. Most times he either gets a bite or hangs up. Good thing his sponsor keeps him well supplied in jigs.

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