Announcing new features in BASSTrakk launched a new feature in BASSTrakk today. Simply click on an angler's name and you'll see a drop-down that contains details on the keepers he has caught, including the time of each catch, and the weight of each fish. The drop-down also includes the angler's three previous finishes, and his current rank in Toyota Angler of the Year standings.

You'll see an example from today, of Jordan Lee's' stats, in the photo.

We're still working out a bug or two. For instance, currently, this new feature is showing College Champion Jacob Foutz sitting 41st in AOY. That's not possible because Foutz isn't fishing the Elites, at least for now. We'll clean that up after the Classic.

Great work by managing editor Chris Mitchell and our technology partner Phase2. They have been working on this in their spare time since last fall.

Occasionally Elite wives will tell me BASSTrakk is a blessing and a curse. That's because they can't stop checking how their loved one is doing in a tournament. Sorry ladies, I think we just made BASSTrakk more addictive.