The animated Elites: Guntersville

Hello. We probably haven't met. That's alright. I'm the managing editor for this website. That means a lot of things, some of which I am still discovering every day. I'm part of the team that makes sure that new and great stuff is here on every time you come visit, and hopefully everything works just like you expected it to. If it doesn't, let me know.

I can speak with some authority about precious few things while surrounded by people like our excellent staff of writers and the Elite Series anglers that make up most of the content on So I'm not going to try to tell you how to fish, or what gear to buy. My experience is mainly catching tiny bass in the Cahaba near my house in Irondale, Ala. They like a little brown jig over there, mostly. Sometimes a tiny frog.

What I do have to show you, though,  is something I think is pretty cool. Since I've worked for B.A.S.S., I've snapped photos of people and places. Everywhere I've been. If I have an opportunity to take a picture of something interesting, I probably will. Long story short, I have about 30,000 photos on my "work" hard drive. And a scare last year led me to realize that I should probably back those up somewhere. 

That led me to Google Photos (which is a very nice and free basic backup for your photos). And Google Photos started showing me these:

As you upload photos to the service, Google tries to create some animations out of sequential images. Sometimes it works great, sometimes not so much. I thought I'd share with you some of the best animated images that are being created as I slowly upload tens of thousands of photos from my time following the Elites across America. I'm going to start with this year's Elite event on Lake Guntersville. A word of warning, these take a little while to load. 

Let's begin with the Diet Mtn Dew Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville earlier this year. Here's a good look at takeoff.

On this morning I shot the launch gallery, and took plenty of anglers beginning their day, such as Dean Rojas.

Derek Remitz had a very strong tournament. Here he is before the day began.

Also in the hunt was Mike Iaconelli

With his family watching him leave the dock.

One of the highlights of the event for me was watching Australian Carl Jocumsen go from "this guy who emails us cool videos" to "this guy has a chance to win an Elite event.". Here's some photos from his Day 3.

Notice photographer Garrick Dixon, who was dodging 18 wheelers to shoot these photos. 

I took a ton more photos, but really the only other ones I thought were worth sharing were Day 4 with David Walker. Steve Bowman took the "real" photo gallery, but I was taking photos and then submitting them to the blog. Here are a couple of good sequences from that day.


I hope you enjoyed this different look at the Elites. Next time I will probably show off some of Havasu.