And just like that ... here is Brandon Lester

Brandon Lester just made a quantum leap in the BASSTrakk standings, which shows him in 7th place with 16 pounds, 8 ounces. Lester was 31st on the Day 2 leaderboard, and his BASSTrakk total is 51-12.

Earlier in the week, Lester proclaimed Lake Champlain as his favorite bass lake, which is a strong comment based on Lake Guntersville being his near-home lake.

"The last Open we had here (in 2018) I found out you can catch smallmouth in 30- to 50-feet of water," he said. "In practice, I spent a lot of time searching in that depth range and found a lot of fish."

Added to his already strong southern smallmouth skills, that just adds more to Lester's angling wheelhouse.