Alton's secret

Alton Jones, Jr., said he got a good night’s rest, likely the best of this two-week road trip.

Tonight I’m really going to sleep good.”

“Yesterday was the day to be nervous,” he said.

Jones had reason to be nervous. Two things were on the line. First, making the Top 12 and second, gaining much needed points for an invitation to the 2017 Bassmaster Elite Series. Jones wants to join his father on the tour after a near miss last week in the Northern Open.

“I feel good about the points, now I want the win,” he said.

Jones will have two very special guests this afternoon at the weigh-in. We don’t want to spoil it all and disclose who they are, but it will be a special moment.

“I talked to my dad last night and he told me to fish as best as I can,” added Jones.