All about the tide on the Sabine

The Sabine River is a tidal bass fishery. Today’s low tide occurred 1:36 a.m.. Now, the water is coming back up, with the next high tide at 2:59 p.m., which is near check-in time for Flight #1. 

Timing is everything when fishing tidal cover, according to the textbook of bass fishing. To maximize success means being on the right place at the right time, according to the tide. That ebb and flow positions bass on the cover according to current and available water. 
The anglers have 9 hours to fish and 7 of those fall between the tidal cycle. That means going with the flow. No choice of waiting for the best tide in this game. 
On a high tide the bass move in to take advantage of all the newly available prey that comes up with the water, or gets exposed from the previously dry shoreline.  More fishable water is another high tide advantage. On the flip side, the fish on this Sabine River can scatter into areas unreachable by boat. There can indeed be too much of a good thing. 
Falling tides shrink the playing field and concentrate bass in limited cover. As the water drops, the fish move to the outside edges of grass, or to the downstream side of cover. 
There are obvious pluses and minuses to both tides. Let’s see which end of the tide performs best. We’ll know more at weigh-in time.