After bigger bites

The fishing spot Alton Jones has called his own this week is a textbook hole for bass. Current washes through a dip in a dike that crosses a gigantic weedy flat that extends a mile off the Mississippi River channel. Bait washes through the cut, and largemouth and smallmouth stack up to ambush it.

It's a tiny target. Throw too far to one side and you miss the sweet spot; cast a few feet to the other side and you hang up in the rocks. Jones just now snagged in the rocks and broke off his jig. He was back in action within seconds and quickly got into a tug of war with a smallmouth, which quickly let go.

As you may already have read, Jones found the spot during the first Bassmaster Elite tournament at La Crosse in 2012. "When you see a place like that you go, 'Wow, fish gotta live here." He was unable to get a keeper bite that first visit, or the second, in 2013. They certainly living here now.

Conditions are the same, and the pace of the action is similar to previous days, but Jones said he is lagging a little in total weight. Shortly after he said that, he culled again, replacing a 2-pounder with a 2-15. His unofficial weight right now is 12-10.