The 6-, 7-pound game-changers

Among the eight to 10 anglers I visited with at registration Tuesday, two mentioned similar winning scenarios worth watching as this tournament develops. The key in this is 6- and 7-pound "game-changers."

"I think 50 pounds will be a heckuva mark for three days," said Cliff Pace, the 2013 Classic champ at Oklahoma's Grand Lake. "I don't think there are enough 3- and 4-pounders in these lakes to get there consistently. I think your weight is going to come from a 6- or 7-pound kicker. The guy that gets that once a day, every day, is going to be right there."

Jason Christie, who has two runner-up finishes in the last three Classics, sees it about the same way, saying, "I think somebody is going to catch a 6- or 7-pounder two of the three days and win. I have no idea what the weights are going to be. Based on my practice, I think I have an idea, but I may be way off.

"I just think somebody is going to catch a 6- or 7-pouder two of the three days and have just a decent day to good day on that other day and probably win."