278 bags of 20+ pounds

Mille Lacs Lake has pumped out an enormous amount of 20-pound bags in just two days of competition with 50 anglers respectively. If we compare it to the rest of the 2017 season here is how it maps out with 20+ pound bags. For those looking down this list remember that Lake Conroe was the 2017 GEICO Bassmaster Classic and only showcased 52 anglers. Lake Champlain was a full-field Elite Series event, but because of weather was shortened to 3 days. 108 anglers fished Days 1 and 2 and 51 fished the final day.

Randall Tharp caught the only 20-pound bag at Cherokee and Lake Dardanelle was the only event where a 20-pound bag was absent. Mark Davis came close on Day 2 when he registered 19-4 and took the lead, but he was just short of the mark. Lake St. Clair still has the best single-day mark for 20-pound bags when there were 30 on Day 2 of the event.

The only tournament with a 30-pound bag is Lake Okeechobee where there were two weighed. Timmy Horton and Ott DeFoe were the two anglers to throw those heavyweights on the scales.

Mille Lacs has pumped out two twin days as 29 bags of 20+ pounds were brought to the scales both Days 1 and 2, but remember with only 50 anglers it makes that number even more impressive. So far there have been 278 bags of 20 or more pounds this season and on the final day of the year, that number will balloon even more as they approach 300 for the year.

Cherokee Lake (1)
Lake Okeechobee (33)
Lake Conroe (13) — 3 day tournament
Toledo Bend (12)
Ross Barnett (4)
Sam Rayburn (41)
Lake Dardanelle (0)
St. Lawrence River (48)
Lake Champlain (8) — 3 day tournament
Lake St. Clair (60)
Mille Lacs (58)*

*= After 2 days of action

Photo by Garrick Dixon