A turn for the worst

Green River Lake has thrown a curveball at these teams today. The weather made a turn for the worst this morning as heavy rain covered the area from 6:30 a.m. and is just started letting up at 11 AM. We're starting to see patterns unfold as about half the teams are fishing shallow while half are fishing offshore. We've heard from a few schools that boated early keepers, but it seems that the rain limited movement and anglers had to hunker down in certain areas and try to figure it out while visibility is limited. 
We just found Lance Freeman and Chandler Christian of Murray State and they have two fish so far. One was just a squeaker while the other was a tad better according to Freeman. 

Video: The fish must have been dry

Lance Freeman of Murray State thinks he knows the reason for the rain. 

Video: College Championship gets underway


Bad luck?

This sweet cat was patrolling the parking lot and launch area. He was a good-natured kitty, but many of the anglers whose paths he crossed likely think he brought them some bad luck.

With the fishing as dismal as many of the competitors are saying it was during practice, anglers were probably hoping for more shooting stars this morning and fewer black cats.

A tough day fishing

"When fishing gets tough, find a rope swing with over a quarter of the field."

Update by Tyler Anderson