Hard road home

The national championship ended on Friday for University of Arkansas anglers Travis Harriman and Chaz Miller, and they've not had the best journey home. Harriman reported a blowout only two hours into the drive home. Please be safe out there!

LSU finding them

JP Kimbrough and Jared Rascoe (pictured) are trying to make things interesting with a big spotted bass early on Day 3. Kimbrough and Rascoe have four in the livewell right now, but with how tough today has been for the leaders they may try to snag the final bracket spot.

Kimbrough and Rascoe are the only team in the Top 12 to catch a limit both days, as stated by Tyler Wade McCollum earlier. They weighed 9-5 and 7-12 respectively, but another limit would go a long way today. They need a little bit of sun to catch some big spotted bass like this one.

Leaders looking for fish

Texas State team is on the hunt on Day 3.

Leader update

Sam Stone and Evan Coleman, the Day 1 and 2 leaders from Texas State, got started a little later than normal today after a slight hold up in the penalty box, but the duo has been fishing Green River Lake for the last few hours and is trying to break the ice.

Stone and Coleman only caught three fish yesterday after catching 20-13 on Day 1. The tough day hurt them as well, but they managed 8 pounds and extended their lead to 3 pounds, 15 ounces.

It shows how tough it has been since 1st, 2nd and 3rd are still looking for a keeper three hours into the day. The 4th place Auburn Tiger team has one small keeper so far this morning so it's safe to say they are unofficially in second from what we know right now.

Nicholls State update

Tyler Rivet and Jess Robertson of Nicholls State start their day close to Green River Lake on this final day.

After catching a limit for almost 8 pounds on Day 1 they backed it up with 10-12 on Day 2 and are in 8th place going into today. The duo only caught two keepers yesterday, but it certainly helps when both are over 5 pounds.

If Tyler Rivet's name sounds familiar, he was leading the National Championship heading into the final day with his girlfriend Allyson Marcel, but they eventually slipped to 3rd. They were one of the four teams in the bracket and Rivet certainly wants back-to-back bracket appearances.

Rivet and Robertson have their hands full though as the gap between 4th and 8th is 6 pounds, 2 ounces. They are swinging for a big bag today to hurt some teams' feelings and jump up the leaderboard.

Kansas State

Kyle Alsop and Taylor Bivens of Kansas State started the final day in 3rd place, just three ounces behind Hunter Louden for 2nd place.

Alsop and Bivens caught 13-15 and 11-1 respectively and both days they failed to catch a limit. Their Day 1 bag consisted of 4 fish, one being a 6-13 beast that is the Carhartt Big Bass for the tournament so far. Yesterday they only caught three fish (2 three pounders and a five).

If Alsop and Bivens can land five fish today, the size could be enough to keep them in the bracket cut and possibly a National Championship.

Alsop has relied on a Carolina Rig with an enormous 5 1/2 foot leader with some sort of brush hog type creature bait. Bivens has opted for a shakey head with a straight tail worm, which he is throwing on a baitcaster.

Moments ago some fish came up schooling, but they couldn't connect with any bites and they were sure if those were bass at all. They still don't have a fish so far, but it looks as if the sun is burning off the early clouds and it could be a bright day. They would love that because they caught them in sunny skies and hot temperatures in practice.

Making moves

Hunter Louden is already on his third stop of the morning as he is looking to start his day strong. Louden, or Bethel University, is in 2nd place with a two-day total of 25 pounds, 3 ounces and is 3-15 behind the leaders from Texas State.

Louden only boated one keeper on Day 2, but it was certainly the right one as it weighed 4-13. He is not only fishing to be the first solo National Champion since the inception of College Bass, but also the first solo bracket competitor.

The thought of winning the National Championship will make your mouth water, but for Louden fishing at Kentucky Lake in the Classic Bracket for a shot at the Bassmaster Classic could be life changing.

Day 3 launch video

The top college teams in the nation take to Kentucky's Green River Lake on Day 3 of the Carhartt College National Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops.